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Join 23 Astrologers, Physicists & Spiritual Leaders 
with Over 20 Hours of Powerful, Life-Changing Teachings
Rick Levine

Real Life Wizard & Master Astrologer

Talk: Astrology and Spirituality in the 21st Century

Teal Swan

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Leader

Talk: How to Get Off the Self Help Hamster Wheel & Tune into Source Energy

David Palmer

Astrologer, DJ, Producer

Talk: Astrology & Your Past Lives

Becca Tarnas

Archetypal Astrologer, Editor of "Archai"

Talk: Astrology As A Spiritual Practice

Meru Matu​​​​​​​

Owner of Sun Soul Astrology & Sun Soul TV

Talk: Superconsciousness and going Quantum within the Simulation

Sahara Rose

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Best-Selling Author

Talk: Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom for Today's Time

Nadiya Shah

Your Fabulous Astrologer & Facilitator of Synchronicity

Talk: Astrology & Synchronicity: Aligning with the Rhythms of the Universe​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Nadia Smirnova-Mierau

Astrologer with a Degree in Nuclear Physics

Talk: Quantum Entanglement, Astrology and Consciousness

David Cochrane

Astrologer, Mystic, Information Systems Guru

Talk: The Spiritual Nature of Astrology

Julene Louis​​​​​​​

Co-founder Sky Astrology Conference, Jyotish Visharada

Talk: Vedic Lunar Mansions for Amplified Energy & Shakti Power

Tashi Dos Santos​​​​​​​

Astrologer, Mystic & Founder of TarotbyTashi

Talk: Healing the Divine Feminine Through Reclaiming the Divine Masculine

Vic DiCara

Astrological Life Coach

Talk: Life Lessons from the Vedic Stars

Eric Meyers

Counseling Astrologer, Teacher & Author

Talk: Embracing the Seasonal Rhythm of Astrology for Raising Consciousness

Patricia Walsh

Evolutionary Astrologer & Past Life Regression Practitioner

Talk: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Chronos - vs- Kairos

Henry Seltzer

Astrologer, Founder of Time Passages

Talk: Integrating Newly Discovered Planets to Understand Yourself & Others

Ron Baker

Self-Mastery Coach

Talk: Using Astrology for Practical and Proactive Fulfillment 

Adam Sommer

Creator of the Exploring Podcast/Professional Astrologer

Talk: How to Align with the Cycles of Time for a Better Life

Carolyn Elliott, PhD

Founder of WITCH magazine, author of Existential Kink

Talk: Existential Kink & your Saturn

Jennifer Sodini

Creative Entrepreneur

Talk: Decoding the Language of Dreams

Sherene Vismaya

Jungian Astrologer, Psychoanalyst & Creator of Project 40

Talk: How to Embody the Stars & Deepen Your Spiritual Path with the Zodiac Dance

Donna Woodwell

Shamanic Astrologer, Senior Editor of Astrology Hub

Talk: The Skywalkers: Astrology’s Almost-Forgotten Spiritual Lineage

Adam Elenbaas

Astrologer, Author, Yoga Instructor

Talk: The Role of Predictive Astrology in Awakening Consciousness

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“The universe speaks back to us through astrology.”
​​​​​​​- Henry Seltzer, Astrology Summit 3.0 Speaker​​​​​​​

Astrology: A Cosmic Curriculum for Your Spiritual Path

We cannot separate the cosmic curriculum from our spiritual lives. It is there, waiting for us to see the clues, and open to the answers that reveal themselves to us everyday, whether we choose to look up or not.

This Summit is designed to give you the tools to connect more deeply with that the Cosmic Curriculum as a tool for understanding yourself, your relationships, your environment and your life. 

Each of our 20+ Sessions Include a Spiritual Practice or Technique & Practical Tools You Can Start Using IMMEDIATELY
  • Discover that your life has real and specific meaning
  • Find out how to access your purpose
  • Learn how the planetary energies live and move through your physical and subtle bodies
  • Get practical tools & exercises to invite more Synchronicity into your life Identify (and follow) the potent symbolism, and messages within your dreams
  • Learn how to participate with the quantum field and reconnect to the Cosmic Order
Your Online Summit Hosts
Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh
CEO of Astrology Hub
& Summit Co-Host
Chris Kaplan
Astrology Summit 3.0 Co-Host
Join us, and get ready to learn more about your existence in the Universe than most people on the planet will ever have access to. Relish in unveiling the mystery, as these thought leaders reveal Cosmic Keys that will wake you up to your life’s glorious potential!
Seriously, you're not going to want to miss this!
Astrology Summit 3.0 starts Sunday, September 23rd
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