Astrology Foundations with Master Astrologer Rick Levine
 If you’re ready to grow your understanding of astrology WAY beyond the ordinary – or even what you thought was possible – this class is for you!

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  — LEVEL 3 —  

 With Master Astrologer Rick Levine 

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 Learn the magic of quintiles, septiles and other harmonic aspects! 

  "When you realize that as astrologers, when we work with aspects we’re really working with harmonics, it basically opens up people’s vision to understanding the mechanism and the magic of how charts work and how they actually express." 
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If you’ve studied astrology at all, you’re probably familiar with a few aspects like trines, squares, oppositions, sextiles…

But did you know that there are MANY more aspects you can read in an astrological chart?

Like quintiles, septiles, quincunxes and more!

Master Astrologer Rick Levine is one of the foremost thinkers on these types of aspects, which he calls “harmonic aspects.”

And he’s going to share his mind-expanding perspective with us in Astrology Foundations 3…

By the end, you’ll be looking at astrology and the whole cosmic order in a brand new way!

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In this class, you’ll learn...
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The history of astrological aspects

and their evolution over time, from Ptolemy to Johannes Kepler and beyond.

How to read traditional zodiacal aspects AND harmonic (also known as non-zodiacal) aspects

such as quintiles, septiles and more!

The implications of using non-zodiacal aspects

in your astrology practice, and what they bring to chart interpretation.

Detailed information about the 5th, 7th and 8th Harmonics

in astrology and what they can teach us about the order of the cosmos.

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In four pre-recorded modules and two live sessions with Rick including chart-reading demonstrations and a Q&A (that’s 10 hours of material!), you’ll get a complete overview of harmonic aspects that will change the way you look at astrology forever.

Praise for Astrology Foundations 1 and 2

 “Things are really breaking open now…I am so blown away by this marvelous information. Rick, you really are a great teacher, and have the ability to break down your vast knowledge into consumable pieces.”
- Sarah, Astrology Foundations 1 student 
“Rick is always fascinating and provides a remarkable learning experience for everyone regardless of astrological level of knowledge or expertise.”
- Clarice, Astrology Foundations 2 student
 “I'm surprised with how much I enjoyed doing the mathematical bits of the lesson. It really helped ground the teaching and make it memorable. Cheers!”
- Hector, Astrology Foundations 1 student 
“Goddess bless those mathematicians-astrologers and you, Rick! I think I deserve a medal or badge. After this course I feel like I graduated to "the next level" in my understanding of astrology and reading a chart. I'm so very grateful.”
- Armando, Astrology Foundations 2 student
  “This class is amazing! I am realizing how much I already know and what I need to improve upon. I'm keeping up, yet learning so much. Rick is a wonderful teacher and a great communicator. Can't wait for the next Foundations Class!”
- Deva, Astrology Foundations 1 student  

Here's What You Get When You Enroll:

1. Four Course Modules (4 lessons in each module, each 30-minutes) in Video, Audio and PDF Transcript formats

2. Downloadable PDF Transcripts for every class so Rick's teachings are accessible to students who prefer to read along.

3. Downloadable Audio MP3 for on the go learning so you can listen to your course materials no matter where you are.

 4. Lifetime Access to All Course Materials so you can revisit your Astrology Foundations Level 3 lessons anytime you want! 

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(+) 2 BONUS Sessions with Rick

where you'll get...

  1. A Recorded Chart Reading Session 

 Rick takes a look at 4 student charts notable for their harmonic aspects! 

2. A Recorded Q&A 

Rick answers student questions for deeper understanding of the material. 


  — LEVEL 3 —  

With Master Astrologer Rick Levine

 Learn the magic of quintiles, septiles and other harmonic aspects! 

When you enroll, you receive:
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  • 4 Course Modules (4 lessons in each module, each 30-minutes) 
  • Downloadable Audio & Transcripts
  • Lifetime Access to All Course Materials

2 Bonus Sessions with Rick where:
  • Rick answers student questions on the course material.
  • 4 student charts notable for their harmonic aspects are read by Rick!
 Your Price: $297
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Course Curriculum


ASPECTS: The Real Foundation

  • Lesson #1 — The Music of the Planets: Learn about the history of aspects from ancient to modern times; the connections between planets, vibrations and sacred geometry; and how to listen to the hum of a chart.

  • Lesson #2 — Zodiacal Aspects: Review the traditional aspects: conjunctions, squares, oppositions, trines and sextiles – and branch out into semi-sextiles and quincunxes.
  • Lesson #3 — Introduction to Harmonic (Non-Zodiacal) Aspects: Learn about the intrinsic relationship between aspects and harmonics; introduce quintiles, septiles and octiles; and dive into music theory to answer the question: what can we learn from harmonic aspects?

  • Lesson #4 — Putting it All Together: Jump into natal chart interpretations and explore aspect patterns and planetary configurations more deeply, including physical and metaphysical aspects.
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Quintiles: The 5th Harmonic

  • Lesson #1 — Creativity, Talent, and the Magic of Creation: Dive deeper into the quintile and bi-quintile, where “meta” becomes physical, and learn what the 5th Harmonic has to do with Venus, the 5-Pointed Star and the Golden Mean.
  • Lesson #2 — Basic Interpretation: Rick will explain a few quintile configurations, discuss the nature of good and evil, and review setting limits on your aspect interpretation with orbs.
  • Lessons #3 & 4 — Chart Interpretation Examples
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Septiles: The 7th Harmonic

  • Lesson #1 — The Twilight Zone of Astrology: You’ll meet the metaphysical septile, bi-septile and tri-septile and explore disincarnate consciousness with help from aliens, ghosts, imaginary playmates and ancestor guides. You’ll also explore spacetime distortion and Rudhyar’s Aspect of Fate.

  • Lesson #2 — Basic Interpretation: Rick will discuss where fate meets free will, alienation and damnation, illusion and reality and quantum leaps as well as common septile configurations.

  • Lessons #3 & 4 — Chart Interpretation Example
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Octiles: The 8th Harmonic

  • Lesson #1 — Where Ptolemy Went Wrong: Learn about the octile and tri-octile and discover how non-Zodiacal aspects can still be physically expressed!

  • Lesson #2 — Basic Interpretation and Chart Examples: Discover common octile configurations and how to interpret squares, half-squares and squares-and-a-half.

  • Lesson #3  — More Chart Interpretation Examples!

  • Lesson #4 — Other Harmonic Aspects and Considerations: You will reach beyond the octile into the 9th, 10th and 11th Harmonics…and Beyond! You’ll also learn about midpoints, vibrational astrology and arc transformations.
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PLUS Your 2 BONUS Sessions!

Putting It All Together

  • Session #1 — Live Chart Interpretations: Thursday, March 9th at 4 pm Pacific/ 7pm Eastern Time (running 90-minutes)
  • Session #2 — Moderated Q&A: Thursday, March 16th at 4 pm Pacific/ 7pm Eastern Time (running 90-minutes)
Your Teacher:
Rick Levine

A professional astrologer since 1976, Rick Levine has become a respected leader in the global Astrology community. He is the past president of the Washington State Astrology Association, co-founder of, a founding Trustee of Kepler College, and co-author of 8 years of Barnes and Noble’s annual Your Astrology Guide. Rick wrote a daily horoscope column for nearly 17 years, delivered via the Internet to millions of readers per day through 

Astrology Foundations Level 3 is a unique course designed to teach you all about the magic of quintiles, septiles, and other harmonic aspects. This course is near and dear to our hearts and we've put a lot of energy into bringing it to the market. 

If however, for any reason you're not satisfied with the video lessons and special bonuses, you can simply email us within 7 days after the 1st Module release on February 9th for a full refund. No questions asked.

Amanda 'Pua' Walsh

ASTROLOGY FOUNDATIONS 1 & 2 students are saying...
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this course intended for?
This is an Intermediate-Advanced course intended for students who have completed Astrology Foundations 1 and 2 or who have been studying independently and have a foundational understanding of the Zodiac and astrological aspects. For beginners, we recommend starting your journey with Astrology Foundations 1.
How does the course work? Can I listen anytime?
Each course Module has 2 hours of course material, broken up into four 30-minute video lessons. These Modules are yours to watch at your convenience, and return to over and over! 

There are also 2 recorded BONUS sessions: a chart reading demonstration using 4 student charts and a student Q&A. 

All materials are available to you immediately so you can watch at your own pace. 
I’m an advanced student of astrology. Will this course teach me something I don’t already know?
Rick is one of the foremost astrological thinkers on harmonic aspects and his perspective is absolutely unique, and even if you’re familiar with this topic, it’s likely you’ll learn something in this class you’ve never heard before! For many students, Astrology Foundations 3 will provide a whole new way of looking at astrology – don’t miss out on this revolutionary perspective!