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A Workshop Series for Reframing Stereotypes & Becoming the Best of Who You Were Born to Be:
In this series of two hour workshops exclusively for Astrology Hub, Frank will work with you to:

  • Dismantle fears and prejudices about your chart 
  • Explore the potentials inherent in your "bad" placements in imaginative & inspiring ways
  • Recognize the invitations, gifts and challenges coded in your birth chart
  • Build up your own observations and interpretations
  • Ground your learning by discussing example charts and sharing insights

Whether you’re a beginner or a lifelong student of astrology, you’ll benefit from Frank’s unique, sensitive, and humorous perspective on the birth chart. And whether or not you believe you chose the chart you have, it’s what you’ve got to work with! Join Frank to make the very most of your map of potential and engage in a special dialogue with the heavens.
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