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"The rest of 2022 and into 2023 is very much like a white rapid water ride – you can choose to either clutch the sides of the raft or open your sense to adventure and enjoy the ride."

If you’ve been been yearning to dive into your Astrological studies with a consistent support system and trustworthy teachers...

If you'd love to have a place to ask questions and get feedback from a community of Astrology Students...

And if you’re spiritually oriented and would love to use Astrology to consciously navigate the path ahead and transform your life (and our world!)…

We invite you to join our Inner Circle community where you get monthly access to the world’s best, most heart-centered astrologers as your mentors through all the challenges and opportunities that 2022 has to bring.

They’ll provide their top Astrological tools & techniques, as well as guidance on how to consciously co-create with the Astrological energies.

“I've been a member for almost three years!! The offerings just keep growing with more amazing support and teachings from many varieties while being very present, sensitive, and compassionate with the current times. So grateful for this community!”

Robin, Inner Circle Member

Empower Yourself With The Wisdom Of Astrology
Here's how the Inner Circle will help you learn Astrology & make the most of the transits ahead in 2022... and beyond!

You’ll gain access to exclusive Astrological techniques, tools and training normally reserved for expensive live events, from the most prominent astrology professionals!


Join a supportive community of like-minded Astrology lovers that honor soul over surface connections and recognize the wonders beyond conventional belief systems.


Participate in spiritual practices & intention setting ceremonies based on themes of the lunar cycle. Learn how to use astrology to aid in your soul's growth and everyday life.

Get detailed forecasts on key dates & energies every lunar cycle. You'll also receive "embodiment tips" & "soulwork" to experience more ease and grace through these transits, and in your life.
Meet your
Astrology mentors for the rest of 2022...
Astrologer & Founder: Celestial Arts Education Library
Astrologer, Author & Historian
Evolutionary Astrologer & Life Coach
Popular Youtube Astrologer & Life Coach
Astrologer, Author & Mage
Intuitive Astrologer
& Mentor
Astrologer & Popular Astrology Podcaster
Inner Circle
Learn Astrology in Community with the Masters
& Transform Your Life in The Process!
Here’s what you’ll receive with your membership:
1) Monthly Astrology Mastery Classes
  • Receive a 90-Minute Mastery Class on a specialized Astrology topic each moon cycle, taught by your resident Astrologer of the Month.
  • Expand your Astrology learning library month after month with teachings from Top Astrologers.
  • Topics for the rest of the year include... with more coming in 2023! 
  • Receive Cliffs Notes for each Mastery Class to aid in your learning and help you get a jump start on working with the technique if you're pressed for time. 

2) New & Full Moon Forecast 

  • Gather twice a month for a live, instructional New Moon Forecast and a Full Moon Forecast covering all the key transits of the lunar cycle.
  • Learn forecasting techniques while looking at the charts of the top transits during each lunar cycle charts. 
  • Get tips for working with the energies of each lunar cycle. 
3) Live Q&A & Chart Demo
  • Each month features a live Q&A broadcast, designed to get your questions answered real-time by your guiding Astrologer.
  • Deepen your understanding of your own chart and the mastery class teaching, through live chart reading demos using Inner Circle Member’s charts.
  • Access to a Private Community for ongoing Q&A,  monitored by your guiding astrologer throughout the month.
4) Private Online Community of Astrology Students
  • Connect with Astrology Lovers from all over the world! Make lifelong friends with others who share your passion for astrology!
  • Join "Special Topic" groups within the community for chart reading practice, sharing of astrological resources, and connecting with your Astrologer Mentors. 
Plus, These Special Bonuses!

BONUS #1: 20% Discounts off Astrology Hub Courses [$47+ value] throughout the year that we launch on specialized topics such as Sacred Astronomy with Gemini Brett, Cosmic Calendar with Christopher Renstrom or Astrology Foundations with Rick Levine.

BONUS #2: Live New Moon Ceremonies [$17 value] for powerfully aligning to the energy of the lunar cycle and bring your intentions to life
BONUS #3: Cosmic Updates texted directly to your phone [$17 value] so you can know about major transits (and how to work with them) in real time 
BONUS #4: 15% Discount on AstroGold & Solar Fire professional astrology software [$36 value] so you can take your astrology practice to the next level!

Bonus #5: Complete Beginner's Starter Kit! [$165 value]

This comprehensive kit is designed with you newbies in mind, and includes...

    • quick-start mini video series that shows you how to pull up your chart, find your planetary placements (like your Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus and Mars) house placements and degrees ($37 value)
    • Astrology “cheat sheets” explaining the glyphs and what each house means ($17 value)
    • "Secrets of the Zodiac" 7-hour audio course that details all of the signs - their qualities, attributes, shadow and light qualities ($47 value)
    • "Secrets of the Zodiac" course companion guide offering you a visual, quick reference guide to interpreting your planets and understanding the Zodiac ($17 value)
    • Foundations to Astrology a 5-hour video training, walking you through the rich history and basic terminology of astrology ($47 value)

      Bonus #6: Chart Vision By Day or Night w/ Acyuta Bhava Das [$47 value]

      During this open enrollment period, all new members will receive a BONUS Mastery Classes from previous Inner Circle Astrologer Acyuta Bhava Das. Acyuta's Class Chart Vision by Day and by Night is a deep dive into how the ancients interpreted charts simply by distinguishing whether someone was born witnessing the bright sunlight or under the profound introspective moon glow. This is a simple technique that anyone can use in chart interpretations. But don't be fooled by its simplicity, the insights you'll get from it are monumental...


        Bonus #7: Forecast Panel Replay Videos [$97 value]

        Inner Circle members get access to the 2022 Special Edition Solstice Panel replay videos for as long as they are a member, to keep referring back to throughout the year as the cosmic tides change.

          Join thousands of happy students in this one of a kind membership! Jump in during this limited-time enrollment period:


          • Monthly Astrology Mastery Classes w/ Cliffs Notes $47
          • Monthly New & Full Moon Forecasts w/ Cliffs Notes $37
          • Live Chart Demos & Q&A with your Astrology Teachers $33
          • Private Student Community $77


          • 20% Discounts on Our Most Popular Astrology Courses $47
          • Real-time Cosmic Updates Delivered to Your Phone $17
          • New Moon Intention Setting Ceremonies $17
          • Comprehensive Beginner's Starter Kit ft. 6+ hrs of content $165
          • Exclusive 15% discount on AstroGold & SolarFire Astrology Software $36
          • Lifetime Access to the "Chart Vision By Day or By Night" Mastery Class with Acyuta-bhava Das $47
          • Lifetime Access to the Replay videos of the 2022 Special Edition Solstice Panel $97
          You can cancel anytime if you don’t LOVE it.
          “We have created the Inner Circle Membership to be your go-to resource for astrology. Our team and featured astrologers puts their heart and love into this program, but if you’re at all unsatisfied you can cancel any time.
          Inside Your Upcoming
          Mastery Class Curriculum

          BONUS Mastery Class
          Available immediately!

          Teacher: ACYUTA-BHAVA DAS

          Acyuta-bhava Das (Adam Elenbaas) is a professional astrologer, author, and yoga instructor/studio owner from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Acyuta holds an M.A. and MFA in Creative Writing. His first book, a Publisher’s Weekly top book of the year, called Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest was published by Tarcher/Penguin in 2010. Acyuta was one of the founding writers of, and when he isn’t writing, teaching, or seeing clients, Acyuta is usually immersed in his practice of Bhakti yoga. You can find his work at

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          Class #1: June

          Teacher: GARY CATON

          Gary P Caton is a transdisciplinary Hermetic practitioner integrating diverse traditions, art forms and practices gathered from his spiritual quest over a full Saturn cycle. Initiated an astrologer by a magnificent dream in 1993, he’s since become an accomplished counselor, writer, podcaster, teacher, photographer and mage. Gary is the author of Hermetica Triptycha: The Mercury Elemental Year, and host of the popular Hermetic Astrology Podcast.

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          Class #2: July

          Teacher: LINDA KUBOTA BYRD

          Linda Kubota Byrd left the corporate world to follow her heart into astrology 25 years ago. Her passion is bringing to awareness unconscious “default settings,” where they came from and why. She integrates astrology into her consulting practice as a certified dream coach and energy psychology practitioner. Linda was a guide with the Astrology Hub in 2020 and has lectured internationally, most recently with the London School of Astrology. She’s appeared on Good Day Sacramento, and livestreams with The Stargate Experience Academy. She currently works with the Mountain Astrologer magazine and serves as the President of NCGR Sacramento.  

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          Class #3: August

          Teacher: NURA RACHELLE

          Nura Rachelle is an intuitive astrologer who draws from many knowledge branches including evolutionary, esoteric and traditional western astrology for deepening self-awareness. She integrates intuitive skill-building in her consulting and educational work inviting in deeper self-awareness and authentic empowerment. Embodiment of purpose and everyday soul realization is at the core of Nura’s offerings, and her focus on simplicity + daily ritual grounds cosmic wisdom into clarity of action. 

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          Class #4: September

          Teacher: JENN ZAHRT, PHD.

          Jenn Zahrt PhD is an author, publisher, and teacher of cultural astronomy and astrology. She has taught and lectured domestically and internationally. She is the founder of Revelore Press, creative director of the Sophia Centre Press, and the Senior Editor of The Mountain Astrologer. In 2021 she became the founding director of the Celestial Arts Education Library in Olympia, WA, where she currently lives. Discover more of her work: and

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          Class #5: October

          Teacher: SHANNON GILL

          Shannon Gill synthesizes Evolutionary Astrology, Jungian psychology, & ritual somatics to create an alchemical healing experience for clients and groups. She holds degrees in Buddhism, & Expressive Arts and Healing from Naropa University, as well as certifications from the Archetypal Academy, and Maurice Fernandez Evolutionary School of Astrology. She has been active in spiritual healing traditions for 20+ years, maintains a private astrological counseling & mentoring practice, and is the recent past President of the Astrological Society of Austin. Shannon founded the Colorado Ecstatic Dance movement- ‘Rhythm Sanctuary’ in Boulder in 2005, and along with her partner, Russ von Ohlhausen, they co-facilitate classes, workshops, & programs through their 501c.3, The Shift Foundation. For more info on Shannon’s work:

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          Class #6: November

          Teacher: ADAM SOMMER

          Adam Sommer is an explorer.  With Astrology as his primary lens for seeing clearly, he also uses Mythos and Psyche as a way of getting us more fluent with the mysteries.  Obsessed with language and the power of story, he has dedicated the past 10 years of his life to creating podcasts, writing, counseling, and teaching on the subject.  Before all this, there was a 5 Element Chinese Medicine School where he became fluent in Medical QiGong and that whole universe of understanding health, Naropa University where he studied the Contemplative Arts, and UNCW where his creative writing was born.  His show and site are called Holes to Heavens.  Pay a visit sometime if you feel called to do so.

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          Class #7: December


          Christopher Renstrom is the creator of, an online astrology site based on his bestselling book, Ruling Planets, which was published by HarperCollins in 2002 and has sold out its print run. He currently writes the daily horoscopes for the San Francisco Chronicle and Renstrom also lectures on the history of astrology in America from pre-Revolution to modern times, which is his specialty, and runs Ruling Planet workshops around the country. Christopher's latest book,  The Cosmic Calendar is published by TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Christopher is also the weekly horoscope columnist for Astrology Hub.

          The IC is immense. Best membership I've ever invested in. Such amazing value for the money! So much gold delivered every month. Amanda and her team and all the amazing astrologers do a stellar job.

          Lynsey, Inner Circle Member

          Sound amazing? Here’s what our Inner Circle members say:

          • 72% of our members say their participation in IC brings more purpose and meaning to their lives
          • 81% say they finally feel connected and they have a sense of belonging
          • 86% say learning astrology is easier now more than ever, since joining the IC.

          "Astrology Hub is my tribe. Finding this community has helped me feel connected to people again and to trust that I have something to share as well. Everyone in this group is so genuine and led by love. It's an incredible group!

          Meredith, Inner Circle Member

          Here's everything you get at a glance...

          • Monthly Astrology Mastery Classes w/ Cliffs Notes $47
          • Monthly New & Full Moon Forecasts w/ Cliffs Notes $37
          • Live Chart Demos & Q&A with your Astrology Teachers $33
          • Private Student Community $77


          • 20% Discounts on Our Most Popular Astrology Courses $47
          • Real-time Cosmic Updates Delivered to Your Phone $17
          • New Moon Intention Setting Ceremonies $17
          • Comprehensive Beginner's Starter Kit ft. 6+ hrs of content $165
          • Exclusive 15% discount on AstroGold & SolarFire Astrology Software $36
          • Chart Vision By Day & By Night: Mastery Class with Acyuta-Bhava Das $47
          • Replay videos of the 2022 Special Edition Solstice Panel $97
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          "The IC has been a wonderful ride full of new knowledge, inner work, new astro friends, new approaches, new inner adventures, so much self-growth and introspection... Every single Inner Guide has enlightened me in a different way with their knowledge and energy. I am so happy I found Astrology Hub and I'm grateful everyday."

          Mayra, Inner Circle Member
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          "I am so grateful for this community. I'm in my 4th year and I don't think I could ever leave. There's so much great content and amazing astrologers to learn from and anything I miss is always in my portal to go back to. Anyone thinking of joining the Inner Circle will not regret it. Thank you Amanda and your amazing team!"

          Jo, Inner Circle Member
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          "This group has been a lifeline and I can't express fully what it has meant to and for me. I have learned SOOOOOOOO MUCH and have been introduced to subjects and perspectives of astrology I would never have known about or even considered."

          Adrienne, Inner Circle Member
          Frequently Asked Questions
          Who is the Inner Circle For?

          Great question! The following is a list of people who would surely benefit from the Inner Circle:

          • All Astrology Students welcome!
          • Beginners who want to learn the basics... (see our Beginner's Bonus Kit!)
          • Advanced astrology students who want consistent deep-dive training...  
          • Astrology Students who are also... Energy Workers, Healers and Body Workers, Counselors or Psychotherapists, Transformational or Spiritual Coaches
          • Professional astrologers
          • Novice astrologers
          • Astrologically-oriented spiritual seekers and visionaries
          • Anyone who wants to learn how Astrology can bring deeper meaning into your life and promote massive positive transformation...
          I'm super busy! How many hours do I have to invest for it to be worth it?
          Students who participate in EVERYTHING the membership has to offer invest about 2 hours per week. However, you can still get so much out of your membership by participating in the events and classes you have time for! Whether or not you join us live, you'll be building your online library of master classes and Inner Circle exclusive bonuses each month, so you can go back and take the classes when you have more time in your schedule. An investment of anywhere from an 1 to 8 hours a month will result in a stronger astrological practice in time.
          I don’t know much about Astrology, is this program right for me?
          Yes. As long as you have a desire to look at charts and learn Astrology, you’ll fit right in! We have resources for all levels, including a bonus beginners course about ‘Astrology Basics’!
          Will I be able to ask the Astrologers questions?
          Yes! You’ll have two easy options to get your questions answered… First, you’ll be able to ask a question at anytime in our private Mighty Networks community group. Each astrologer will monitor the group during their assigned month to answer as many questions as possible. If you don't use social media, no worries! Every month you’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions LIVE, during a special live Q&A session around the last quarter moon...
          I’m a professional Astrologer, is this program advanced enough for me?
          Yes. One of the best parts of the program is that you’ll be able to engage with other professional astrologers without having to leave your home! Think of it like a conference at a fraction of the price - and way easier to attend! Each Mastery Class is designed to take your practice of Astrology further with unique techniques and skills that you can easily apply in your own practice...
          Is there a guarantee?
          Yes. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the monthly mastery classes, ceremonies, forecasts, community forum, and 7 hours of bonus materials, you can cancel your membership at anytime. No questions asked.
          I’m not very technical, can I handle this online program?
          Yes. Every live broadcast is as simple as clicking on a link or dialing a number on your phone. In fact, if you’re reading this, you should have no problem with the program. To participate in the community forum you will need to have a free Mighty Networks account and we can help you set that up, if you’d like help…
          How many LIVE calls will there be?
          Every month is assigned to a different astrologer. Your astrologer for the month will join you for 3 live calls per month: one on the new moon, one on the full moon and one at the last quarter. Each call will be focused on learning Astrology and understanding the energies of the month. Every month, an Astrology Mastery Class will also be released from your teacher for you to dive into at your own pace. See the Full Schedule above for all the topics.
          I might not be able to make all the live calls, will they be recorded?
          Yes! Every live broadcast will be recorded and available in your membership portal in less than 24 hours. You’ll be able to watch or listen to the classes at home, in your car, or even while taking a walk… Additionally, we will create transcripts for each call so you can read the material. All recordings and transcripts will be available for download so that you can own them forever.
          Is astrology something I can use in my current practice for counseling / spiritual guidance / energy healing / health coaching / astrology?
          Yes! Astrology provides clues and insights into the specific challenges of people based on their alignment with the planets and stars. The Inner Circle is designed to offer you continued education and resources that will help you better serve your clients! The trainings and forecasts in this monthly program were previously only available through private trainings, live conventions (that require travel), or expensive courses. We wanted to make it easy for you to study astrology by delivering all these resources to your home on a monthly basis and create a community that promotes learning and networking.
          How does the community function? How do I engage with the astrologers?
          Great question! The community is HUGE benefit of the program and we will be unified via a private Mighty Networks group. Mighty Networks is an amazing platform that allows us to stay connected with one another very easily. You’ll be able to post your insights, ask questions, read and respond directly to fellow participants or the professional astrologers, and even join us live on video! The astrologer of the month will be monitoring the group regularly for any questions they can answer, so you’ll be able to engage with them in that way... Additionally, you’ll be joining us LIVE for calls through a webinar service called ‘Zoom’ that is extremely easy to navigate. During the live broadcasts you’ll be able to type-chat in real-time to converse with your fellow astrology lovers and ask questions for the live Q&A each month.